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HOT Candles

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Curvaceous mum-to-be. Made with a soy wax blend for its beautiful creamy texture and consistency. Finished off with rose gold drip.

This candle has a thigh-gripping base to keep it stable. If you're going to light her please make sure she is placed on a large inflammable dish, never left unsupervised, and kept away from pets and children. All the wax in this candle will melt into a pool, therefore your dish needs to allow for this.

This candle is completely handmade, so there may be slight variations in finish, colour and texture.

Please note: a common side effect of using soy wax is frosting. Don’t worry though, this is completely natural and won’t affect your burn.

Stands at approx 10cm tall.

SKU: MUM-fiona TAGS: Art drip, Perfectly imperfect

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